We offer reliable cooperation, 

if your need is to strenghten your Turkish business in homeland


entering into new business opportunities in the UK

If you need to have either high level or detailed assessment or review of your strategy or plans or even tactics we are here.

We can also support you on building your new strategy in line with your conditions prevailing in your specific market.  

Management Consultancy
Modeling (TR-UK)

With the support of our experts located in both countries, we can collaborate on the business model that  you plan to build on between  Turkey and the UK.

We can help you to manage your risks stemming from your business model and investments with strong assistance of our experts located in two countries.

Business Process Design

In case you feel you need to have a brand new one or to upgrade your current processes it means you are in struggle at various levels of inefficiency and ineffectiveness.

IT or non-IT business process designing is an area which we can provide service with our solution providers located in different countries.


Management structure of a firm can be very hectic because there are many complicated reasons to be taken care of and mostly stemming from past and present.

It is obvious that your firm may illustrate amid organisational restructuring needs. If you already have a plan but not sure how you are going to apply or even need to start from a brand new plan, we can help you.  

Open new space for yourself to pay attention to your new business model, new business opportunities or focus on totally new ideas.

Managing Business strives for totally different set of capabilities, dedicated time and seamless concentration. With our business management support we can let you have more time to focus on creative part of your business

Management Support
Special Advisory

In case your firm has been connected to international money flows,  you may directly exposed to money laundering risk which may lead unbudgeted costs and sanctions or more.

We can advice your firm in identifying and managing money laundering risks with our deep expertise acquired by real term cases and applications.  

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Building bridges between Turkey and the UK.
Simply put, TERRA means trust.

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