As TERRA Business Consulting (TERRA), we welcome you here our website which has concentrated merely on our Consultancy Services.

We focus on providing reliable guidance to our clients' challanges on finance, banking, compliance, corporate governance, legal, organisational change, restructuring, M&A, human resources, project management, crisis handling, internal audit as well as internal control, risk management including information risk and data protections.

We also provide intermediary services to Turkish companies including entrepreneurs to access Technology Funds including but not limited wit HORIZON2020 and many others.

TERRA simply means trust and aims effective and efficient utilisation of limited resources of clients in order to achieve predefined objectives set by the shareholder.


In this site, you will see;

  • high level explanations of services we provide to our clients, 

  • focus areas which we already work on, hence indicate prospected partnership and co-operation areas with our potential clients.

We strongly believe that Monetary Capital, Good Judgement, Human Capital, Fairness and Hard Work are 5 basic pillars for all firms and individuals who aim to achieve their objectives.

We can put TERRA expertise, with our solution partners into your business and work together,

If you are seeking for a robust and trustworthy support provider who will guide you in,

  • establishing a brand new business or improve your current company in the United Kingdom or Turkey,

  • dealing with business centric management, capital or structuring problems, or

  • bringing your new and robust business idea into life in one of both countries.

Access to UK Funds and Projects

​UKEF (UK Export Finance)

  • finance for Turkish businesses having trade with UK exporters

  • buyer finance

  • export insurance

  • working capital

  • low interest rates

  • long tenure

TERRA Business Consulting Ltd is Authorised Partner to EIN (European Innovation Network Ltd for developing UKEF solutions to Turkey based companies

  • Pre-checking

  • Managing relations with the UKEF

  • File preperation​

  • Official application

  • End-to-end monitoring and guidance

Guidance to Companies (UK, Turkey)
  • Board Consultancy

  • Strategic Planning

  • Organisational Restructuring

  • Corporate Governance

  • Operational Risk

  • Business Process Design

  • Accessing Services Needed

  • Business Mentoring

  • Marketplacing

  • Audit Committee Membership

  • Financial Crime Risk​


  • Information Security Risk

  • Regulatory Compliance

  • Internal Control

  • Regulatory Affairs

  • Internal Audit

Guidance to Startups (UK, Turkey, Ireland)
  • Business Setup (End to End)

  • Setting up Company

  • Legal Advisory

  • Financial Advisory

  • Cost Management

  • Patent Advisory

  • Marketing Advisory

  • Staffing