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What We Do

TERRA basically focuses on advisory services to companies who are endeavoring to create business opportunities and to access a variety of funding options well fit their actual needs. We’re proud to help, shape and improve how our clients structure their firms and manage their businesses, and access reasonable funding opportunities as well.


Fundamental tools which we have specialized on: 

  • UKEF (United Kingdom Export Finance) Facilities


We examine whether your company is eligible for UKEF loans. If all initial check-points are passed, we handle the entire process on behalf of our clients with the UKEF, and as a facilitator, we contact the banks and financial institutions to get you access to UKEF loans.

You may access one-pager guidance by clicking here ENG TUR


In similar, we can support our clients those importing directly from any Germany, Switzerland, France, Italy based sellers by guiding and facilitating the financing of the transaction through the ECA of the relevant country and the financial institution which will allocate the ultimate credit line.

  • Trade Finance Facilities


We can connect you to a wide variety of trade financing options (i.e. International Factoring) through over 300 banks or financial institutions. With many years of experience, we have the capabilities and expertise to understand your business and take you to the next level. At TERRA, we combine our insights and technical knowledge, as well as our network and skills for your company.

  • Marine Finance Facilities


TERRA may connect you with the correct solution providers (agencies, funding institutions) whether you are purchasing a new vessel to your current fleet or seeking for reasonable refinancing options for your vessels to generate fresh operating capital to finance your ongoing maritime business. Depending on your searching criteria we can also help you to find the best fit vessel to purchase. 

  • Project Finance Facilities


Once you have a robust Project Plan, we can bridge you with international financial institutions (banks, finance houses, individual investors) which would finance your investments for USD 20,000,000 and above projects.  

In case your investment is on Renewable Energy (e.g. wind, solar), we can guide you to alternative funding schemes which will reduce out-of-pocket capital investment until "Zero".

  • Foreign Investors or Partnerships


We can work with you to prepare your company contact for a variety of investment houses, at different geographies, risk appetite, and scope with our collaborations in the UK, the EU, Turkiye, and United Arab Emirates.

  • EU Technology Funds



Looking to fund your new technology idea? In case you are a "start-up" we can help you with investors, or, if you are a "scale-up" we can guide you through accessing EU Technology funds, aka EIC Accelerator (*). Need funding and/or to develop your business model but not sure how to deal with it? Need help in planning or executing? Let us guide you. Any applicable idea may start moving on with a small change or a clever support. ​

(*) The EIC Accelerator supports individual Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs), in particular Startups and spinout companies to develop and scale up game-changing innovations. 

  • Internal Audit, Control, Compliance and Risk Management


With years of experience, TERRA has deep capabilities and experience to guide you on how to structure your internal audit, risk management, compliance functions, and Audit Committee or Risk Committee functions. At TERRA Business Consulting Ltd, we combine our insights and skills to establish or transform your processes and strategies and your company.

We offer reliable cooperation

if your need is to financially or structurally strengthen your business 


to benefit from new business opportunities in the UK, Turkey or Ireland.

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